Moving to the next stage of North End Road


A big thank you to all the shoppers, market traders, shopkeepers, community representatives and groups who’ve shared ideas for improving North End Road. 

The first project to come to life in our community-led redesign was the colourful road crossing in partnership with the Royal College of Art.

Now we’re ready to move to the next stage with:
• new trees and lighting
• improved side streets
• new paving and seating areas
• new gateways to North End Road
• improved Clem Attlee Parade
• safer pitch areas for stallholders and shoppers
• power sockets for traders and electric vehicles.

This is all part of our pioneering Industrial Strategy to ensure all residents share in the prosperity we’re bringing to the borough as we make H&F the best place to live, work and have fun in Europe.

Please give us your views. Together let’s make North End Road even better.

Who is running this project?

CarverHaggard have been appointed by Hammersmith & Fulham Council to support the community-led redesign of North End Road. 


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